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An out-of-the-ordinary holiday for you on the Ligurian Riviera in a place that does not exist

As we have already explained, Framura is rather like a place far removed from the real world, because we would in fact be correct in saying that it exists for administrative purposes alone.
It is in fact a conglomerate of five hamlets, Anzo, Castagnola, Costa, Ravecca and Setta, which together have 700 inhabitants, and Framura is not part of any of these.
It is what is known as a ‘loose’ municipality, a conventional term to indicate a territory, and indeed as a territory it most certainly exists. It is larger than life and its tongue of land is an extraordinary natural landscape full of sites of community interest.
The coast here is one for connoisseurs. There are indeed the Fornaci lidos here, but you need time to really get to know the nature of this sea, for it is what we call a real sea.

Tighly embraced by the sea and the mountains

As you well know, Liguria is a tongue of land which delights you with strong emotions, mainly because it is embraced between the sea and the mountains. So, within a few kilometers you are likely to find a diving center for your underwater diving and then immediately afterwards the most exciting bends in the road to challenge on the saddle of a motorcycle or a mountain bike, or trails for long and pleasant walks (we strongly recommend the path that takes you from Framura to Bonassola).
Shall we go swimming or trekking? Being spoilt for choice is what happens to all those who love the Riviera di Levante and who come to stay at our bed and breakfast near the Cinque Terre. Don’t be surprised if you come across someone wearing trekking boots while you are walking along the seafront.
Last but not least, a special mention must go to the attractive cycle path running through the old railway tunnel. This will take you right to Levanto. Near the path you will find bikes for hire.
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Gorgeous Country Guest House Close to Cinque Terra
Spent 2 nights here late September with our family. We all loved the simplicity and charm of this farm stay/ guesthouse. The rooms are simply but comfortably decorated. It is an easy drive down to the train stations that link to the cinque terra as well as to other delightful villages. "
shmukie | Sydney | 03/10/2015