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All the goodness of a true country guest house, at Framura on the Riviera di Levante

We can most definitely consider ourselves a double b&b near the Cinque Terre: not only in the traditional sense of “bed and breakfast”, but also when it comes to bounty & beauty.
You will arrive here attracted by the unique natural scenery of Framura and the Riviera di Levante, in Liguria and then you will be tempted, pampered and awarded by the produce of our country guest house, where Nature is the watchword.
Just think that we adopt the green manuring technique on our fields, using crops of broad beans and mustard, which, when they stand tall in the spring, lend an extraordinary colour to the landscape.

The menu is written by Nature itself

Chemical substances are forbidden at the Sostio a Levante country guest house at Framura in Liguria_
  • Extra virgin olive oil from our own olive groves and from local producers
  • Olives in brine
  • Free range hens
  • Vegetable garden
  • Orchard

From our wine, we can get savour our territory. From our territory, we can savour our wine

Opposite the working farmhouse, you can see the vineyard stretching out over several terraces. We cultivate the vineyard according to criteria fully respecting its natural growth process: no weeding, no chemical fertilisers, no unnecessary treatments: only essential care so as to obtain the best grapes that are both healthier and which express the characteristics of the territory at its best.
In fact, we believe that wine and territory are profoundly interrelated and we wish to express this through our two types of wine:

Sostio, red wine

its fragrance recalls the red flowers that are grown in our garden and the fruit cultivated in our fields. The height at which we grow the grapes to produce this type of wine creates a fresh aftertaste left on the palate when drunk; its important tannins make it both austere and regal, just as would be expected from a wine produced on the high hills in this area.

Levante, white wine

just like an easterly wind, this white wine brings all the fragrances of our fields with it. Its structure and gustatory richness recall the sun-kissed grapes and the extreme temperature changes to which they are exposed. Its freshness is of a refined nature, expressed both in its taste and fragrance.

Dinner at the Sostio a Levante country guest house

Also as a result of careful planning, at dinner we can always guarantee our guests a meal with an excellent quality/price ratio. Every morning you will find a selection of à la carte menus on the blackboard and you can indicate your personal choices.
This means that we use only fresh ingredients and these can be prepared in the afternoon, using food of the highest quality and cooked according to local traditions.
A fixed menu option is also written on the blackboard in the morning (if you order this, we can prepare it at a highly reasonable cost) for a freshly-prepared and balanced meal with an excellent quality/price ratio..

Zero footprint produce

For those few foodstuffs that we do not produce ourselves we are supplied by local producers and therefore pursue the philosophy of zero footprint farming.
This means you can enjoy a wide choice of excellent and delicious food at the breakfast buffet:
  • Homemade cakes
  • Local focaccia
  • Local charcuterie and cheeses
  • Yoghurts
  • Cereals
  • Fresh fruit
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Gorgeous Country Guest House Close to Cinque Terra
Spent 2 nights here late September with our family. We all loved the simplicity and charm of this farm stay/ guesthouse. The rooms are simply but comfortably decorated. It is an easy drive down to the train stations that link to the cinque terra as well as to other delightful villages. "
shmukie | Sydney | 03/10/2015