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A Country guest house

In a village where time stands still, tranquillity all one with nature

All of us here at the Sostio a Levante country guest house are certain about this and we take pride in it: here time does stand still. You need not be concerned. We are actually not talking nonsense because, although it is only a saying, time does stand still here, for the very reason that Framura, if you think about it, does not exist. It is simply a grouping of 5 hamlets, under a single name ,with a total population of 700. What then could be a better place, than indeed a non-existent place, to experience a break enriched by nature, peace and beauty?

What you will find at Sostio a Levante


Yes, fire-flies, those sparkling and most delicate of tiny living creatures, are abundant in the countryside of the Ligurian Riviera, a clear sign that the natural landscape is truly unspoilt.

The moon

From your window you will see the moon peeping out from behind the hills. If you carry on gazing, it will then flee into the sea leaving you with the sensation of having had the most beautiful dream but with your eyes wide open.

Produce from our vegetable garden

The contents of the menu at our country guest house and bed & breakfast are governed by one alone, Nature. In fact, all the produce comes directly to the table from our vegetable garden and orchard, so we serve only what is in season at its freshest.

The wine of the poets

It was in fact the passion we put into our homemade winemaking business that actually led us to start up the country guest house. Come and see us and it will be a pleasure to serve you our IGT Terre di Framura red wine from the Golfo dei Poeti, made from Merlot, Cabernet and Syrah grapes.

You will probably have already realised what in fact we won’t offer you. It’s true that we are only about 7 km away from the motorway exit and 10-15 minutes from the sea, but it is our wish that this place is a true oasis of beauty and tranquillity far removed from the real world, where you can escape from your usual lifestyle and discover instead a new dimension, one that is perhaps reminiscent of the past, more inspiring, and most certainly more flavoursome.

So we have purposely not put a television in your room, nor are there luggage trolleys or the traditional comforts of urban living.

Moreover, when the writer from La Spezia Maurizio Maggiani talks about Sostìo, he is referring to that healthy habit of enjoying the beneficial tranquility. “Mettiti al sostìo”, that is, calm down and rest a bit.

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