Take time out
amidst the natural beauty of Framura and the Cinque Terre
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The surrounding area

Not only the Cinque Terre: the Riviera di Levante holds infinite treasures

The feeling you will experience at the Sostio a Levante country guest house will be mainly that of a sense of freedom. Freedom to relish every single moment, also by savouring the natural produce from the surrounding countryside, besides of course the freedom to decide what to do and see from a wide choice of options.

Those who love peace and quiet need do no more than consider it their own personal sostìo, which in Ligurian dialect means ‘a place of respite’, and those who instead wish to explore other landscapes will be spoilt for choice.

Our land...

Cinque Terre

Our starting point can be no other than the Cinque Terre, considering that this area is famous throughout the world for its little hamlets perched high up on the cliffs above the sea and for its suggestive and dreamy Via dell’Amore. The Cinque Terre comprise the 10-km-long Levant section of coastline that goes from Monterosso to Rio Maggiore, passing through Vernazza, Corniglia and Manarola. Besides the already-mentioned Via dell’Amore, which links Rio Maggiore to Manarola, the sentiero azzurro (the azure pathway) is also very beautiful. This connects all five hamlets and dates right back to the Middle Ages. From this pathway you will also find a network of other tracks to take you up to the mountain ridges from where you can experience breathtaking views over the sea. The easiest and least costly way of getting to the Cinque Terre from our bed and breakfast Sostio a Levante is probably by car to the railway station at Framura (8 km from here) and continue from there by rail, since there is a good service of local and inter-regional trains.

Golfo del Tigullio

While by travelling south from our country guest house in Liguria you can, as we have said, reach the Golfo dei Poeti, if you go north you will get to another well-deserving and suggestive destination, the Golfo del Tigullio, which stretches from Portofino to Moneglia, with on its way tourist resorts such as Rapallo, Lavagna and Sestri Levante. This is an itinerary that can quite easily be done by train, since it will only take you 15-20 minutes from the railway station at Framura or Deiva Marina (both 8 km from us) to get right as far as Camogli.

Major cities, Genoa and Florence

Just think that less than 70 km away is Genoa, known as the Superba, which showcases the palazzi of the noble Rolli Family, a Unesco World Heritage Site, and the narrow alleyways (caruggi ) which will lead you to the old city, just as the songwriter and singer Fabrizio De André, one of Genoa’s famous offspring, would tell us in his song. In Genoa, art, music and all the city’s different lifestyles merge to form an identity that is continually evolving. This is a city that never stops telling us what it wants to express.

Florence is definitely not in need of any introduction. You can get there in about one hour and a half by car, by setting off from our b&b near the Cinque Terre and travelling across the verdant landscape of the Lunigiana. Once in the city and, preferably up at the foot of the majestic Brunelleschi dome, which makes the Duomo in Florence unique worldwide, you will most certainly understand why this city is considered by all as the cradle of the Renaissance of Humanity. Don’t be concerned if you begin to feel a little dizzy: you can put it down to the overwhelming beauty around you.

Golfo dei Poeti

Highly popular too is the Gulf of La Spezia, or Golfo dei Poeti, with its well-known tourist resorts Portovenere and Lerici. ts unique atmosphere, a mixture of nature and art, has always made it the haunt of artists, mainly writers and poets in search of inspiration.