Take time out
amidst the natural beauty of Framura and the Cinque Terre
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Nature and courtesy are at the forefront of our facilities at our country guest house near the coast in Liguria

As you have no doubt realised, we like to provide a kind of “tailored break”, in other words made-to-measure for each and every one of our guests.

Most important of all we do not wish your stay at the Sostio a Levante country guest house and b&b, at Framura near the Cinque Terre, to be arranged for you as a mere well-organized necessity, but instead as an occasion to enjoy a life-enriching experience.

This is what it is all about – from the 8 rooms to the special relationship with the owners, from the view over our vineyards to the delicious homegrown produce from our vegetable garden – and it adds up to something quite unique, an experience that can only be had in a place removed from the real world such as Framura.

The same applies to our facilities, and you will realize that you will be granted much more than what you request: