Take time out
amidst the natural beauty of Framura and the Cinque Terre
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The Rooms

If i look up, the moon is still there

All those looking for a country guest house in the Cinque Terre like Sostio a Levante undoubtedly have a great love for nature, for the sparkling colours of the sea and are drawn to the opportunity of being at peace with Creation amidst beauty and harmony.

This is why the rooms of our bed & breakfast in Liguria also reflect our search for simplicity and direct contact with the surrounding environment:

Let's find time for ourselves, let's renew ourselves

Yes, that’s right, precisely this. You won’t find any television in your room, as underlined in our list of facilities. You might not realise until you have actually settled in at our country guest house with pool how something missing can at times be an advantage.

You will be removed from the contaminations of the world outside and you will be free to embrace not only the sea at the Cinque Terre but especially the spirit of the countryside. Just think of the wonderful view you will have at night, watching the moon popping out from behind the hills right in front of you and then slowly moving across to look as if it is going to sink into the sea.

These are emotions that make Framura a world of its own and the Sostio a Levante an authentic ‘bbb’ – a bed and breakfast of Beauty.